Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kir Royale-ly Pleased With Ourselves

Kir Royale cocktail

"Kir Royale?  Oh yes.  Lovely aperitif.  Friendly at holiday gatherings.  Nice with a cheese plate.  Shouldn't be a problem to gelatinize.," we said, with a tone excuding confidence and verve.  "Champagne base, plus creme de cassis . . . so simple!"

However, the first batch. . . . runny
The next . . . cement-y. 
Several additional attempts . . . equally unfortunate for a variety of un-palatable reasons.
The batch we wanted to take to the New Year's eve party . . . . . . huzzah! perfect on top, but WAIT - grainy on the bottom.   [sigh]

Finally, last week, a breakthrough in Kir Royale technology.  We feel like Mesdames Curie! Except without all the radiation of course.