Sunday, January 17, 2010

Helllloooooo Chai-tini!!

Dessert Jelly Shots in the Test Kitchen:
(clockwise from bottom left) Chocolate Martini, White Chocolate Martini,
Chai-tini, Grasshopper

We've been working on the dessert martinis this week, with excellent results.  Notably, the ellusive Chocolate Martini, White Chocolate Martini, and minty Grasshopper, as well as a brand new dessert-tini jelly shot, the Chai-tini. 

We first had a Chai-tini  cocktail after dinner over the holiday break.  (Ahem . . .now that you mention it, Yes, there was a fair amount of cocktail sampling over the holidays.  And No, that had nothing to do with our lack of posting!!!)  A heady combination of chai blended with ginger vodka, the Chai-tini warranted immediate gelatinization! 

First we recreated the original cocktail over several closed-door shaker sessions.  Then the recipe was tested and tweaked to arrive in its final gelatin form.  It was a tester favorite, and we have to agree . . . the Chai-tini Jelly Shot's dipped-in-cinnamon-sugar goodness is wonderful on its own, but complements the other dessert-tini jelly shots equally well.