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What is a Jelly Shot, anyway?
Remember Jello-Shots - the dixie cups filled with Jell-O brand gelatin, strong spirits and whipped cream?  Of course you do . . .  Jelly Shots, on the other hand, are a grown-up, sophisticated reinvention of those Jell-O shots of old - all dressed up and ready for your next dinner or cocktail party!  

Why Jelly Shots?
Why Not?  Who doesn't love the fun of a jiggling cocktail? .  

How do I make Jelly Shots? Do I need a lot of time, patience and fancy equipment? 
Jelly Shots are surprisingly quick to make. Many of the recipes can be completed in 15 minutes or less (not including setting time). 

The ingredients – unflavored gelatin, fruit juices, mixers and liquor –are available in most supermarkets and liquor stores. 

Equipment? If you are in possession of a saucepan, a cake pan and a sharp knife, you are well on your way to a gorgeous batch of Jelly Shots. (That said, Jelly Shots can just as easily step it up to the next level, utilizing layering, molds, and other techniques. Pastel polka-dotted Kamikaze Jelly Shots? Giraffe-spotted Vodka Red Bull Jelly Shots? 3-layered pyramid B-52 Jelly Shots? No problem, bring it on . . .) 

Is it appropriate to toast my fellow diners with a Jelly Shot? 
Yes, of course!  Toasting has a long tradition and is a mark of respect to host and guests.   Not sure what to do?  Grasp your jelly shot between thumb and forefinger, and either "clink" it with your neighbor's shot as if it were a glass of champagne or simply raise an "air toast" with appropriate salutation (e.g. cheers, salut, chin chin).  Note that in some cultures it is important to make direct eye contact when raising your glass, errr . . . cube, that is.  The same rules apply here.

What's next for Jelly Shot Test Kitchen?
Well, the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen recipe book was released May 2011.  The book is available on Amazon (as well as your local bookstore) and includes 60+ jelly shot reinterpretations of your favorite classic cocktails in gelatin, as well as several Jelly Shot "mocktails" and tons of photos, and step-by-step instructions.  Several other related projects are also in the works, so stay tuned!

Where can I find Jelly Shot recipes NOW - my dinner party/cocktail party/soirĂ©e is this weekend and I can't wait for the book to be delivered!
See the Recipes page for a list of the recipes available on the blog.  There are a whole bunch now and one is sure to be perfect for your gala or soiree! And, stay tuned, we add new ones all the time!   

Do you supply ready-made Jelly Shots for parties or special occasions?
Unfortunately, Jelly Shot Test Kitchen does not have access to a commercial kitchen or the other necessary accoutrements, licensing, etc. to produce Jelly Shots for sale.  However, lots of simple and easy Jelly Shot recipes are posted on the blog's Recipes page and the Tips page has helpful hints to assist you in your endeavors . . . 

Can I serve Jelly Shots in a paper cup?
Well, yes, technically there is no reason why you couldn't, but after all, we just got them OUT of the Dixie cup . . . so why not shake it up and try slicing your Jelly Shots "jiggler" style!  

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