Sunday, January 17, 2010

Helllloooooo Chai-tini!!

Dessert Jelly Shots in the Test Kitchen:
(clockwise from bottom left) Chocolate Martini, White Chocolate Martini,
Chai-tini, Grasshopper

We've been working on the dessert martinis this week, with excellent results.  Notably, the ellusive Chocolate Martini, White Chocolate Martini, and minty Grasshopper, as well as a brand new dessert-tini jelly shot, the Chai-tini. 

We first had a Chai-tini  cocktail after dinner over the holiday break.  (Ahem . . .now that you mention it, Yes, there was a fair amount of cocktail sampling over the holidays.  And No, that had nothing to do with our lack of posting!!!)  A heady combination of chai blended with ginger vodka, the Chai-tini warranted immediate gelatinization! 

First we recreated the original cocktail over several closed-door shaker sessions.  Then the recipe was tested and tweaked to arrive in its final gelatin form.  It was a tester favorite, and we have to agree . . . the Chai-tini Jelly Shot's dipped-in-cinnamon-sugar goodness is wonderful on its own, but complements the other dessert-tini jelly shots equally well.


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kir Royale-ly Pleased With Ourselves

Kir Royale cocktail

"Kir Royale?  Oh yes.  Lovely aperitif.  Friendly at holiday gatherings.  Nice with a cheese plate.  Shouldn't be a problem to gelatinize.," we said, with a tone excuding confidence and verve.  "Champagne base, plus creme de cassis . . . so simple!"

However, the first batch. . . . runny
The next . . . cement-y. 
Several additional attempts . . . equally unfortunate for a variety of un-palatable reasons.
The batch we wanted to take to the New Year's eve party . . . . . . huzzah! perfect on top, but WAIT - grainy on the bottom.   [sigh]

Finally, last week, a breakthrough in Kir Royale technology.  We feel like Mesdames Curie! Except without all the radiation of course.


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Monday, January 4, 2010

Over-due Apple Time

Hello JSTK-ers.  Sorry for the long absence - we did miss you all terribly!  With Annie in Europe over Thanksgiving, and the flurry of the holidays, the entire month of December just ran, fleet footed,  away from us . . . 

You will of course forgive us when you see what we've been working on (truly we have been busy busy busy!).  Apple martinis - Green Apple and  a classic apple (with Apfelkorn) - aren't they adorable?  Tasty too!

Apple and Green Apple Martini Jelly Shots

As New Years approached, our thoughts turned to bubbly!  The Kir Royale Jelly Shot recipe was just finalized and will have its photo shoot next week.   Ah, prepare for the bright lights Ms. Royale!  Mr. DeMille, she's ready for her close-up!


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