Sunday, August 1, 2010

You Say Gelatine, Part II

Cosmopolitan Jelly Shots, prepared with sheet gelatin, in the wilderness (hence the lack of garnish . . .)

Last week was technically a vacation week with my husband's family for their annual cabin expedition.  However, lingering tasks beckoned/loomed - the sheet gelatin shipments had just arrived the previous Friday, and our editor needed the sheet gelatin conversion in order to send the manuscript to copyediting.    Also, despite rather primitive conditions at said cabin (the stove is basically one step up from a hot plate!)
it would have been silly not to take advantage of a large, completely captive tasting audience - aka my inlaws and their friends and extended families.

Irregardless, it was a beautiful week with lots of fresh air and dabbly sunlight, and as you can see from the above, the conversion concluded successfully.  Sheet gelatine (despite the superior gelling properties said to be conferred by the trailing "e" per our dear Mr. M.) doesn't set up quite as firmly as Knox.  Per the Dr. Oetker brand sheet gelatine package directions, three sheets of gold quality gelatin will set 1 cup of liquid.  For jelly shots, its more like 3.5 sheets per cup of liquid.  So, for our jelly shot recipes, the conversion is:

1 packet Knox = 3.5 sheets of Dr. Oetker brand "Gold extra" quality gelatine

I'll be posting a link to the Knox/sheet gelatine conversion and some additional instructions on the blog soon.  Hopefully, it will be helpful for our UK friends.  (I know you are there, UK peeps!  You show up in the Google blog analytics - your interest is regularly piqued by Jelly Shots, yet most of you don't linger . . . now that this vexing Knox versus sheet gelatine business is behind us, hopefully you will find occasion to dally . . .)