Monday, June 28, 2010

Easy Does It . . .

Sometimes simple is better.  Personally, I love a bow, a flounce, a fluffy ruffle, and certainly an over-the-top garnish on a Jelly Shot!  This weekend however, necessity (severe time constraints and proposed transport of Jelly Shots by convertible on hot summer evening) dictated exploration of easier, breezier Jelly Shotting.

From left, Mai Tai, Blue Hawaii, and Oasis Breeze Jelly Shots, skewered with maraschino cherries, oranges and pineapple

The theme for the evening was clearly tropical - a get together with a small group of friends post-Caribbean cruise.  As such, I prepared three varieties of tropical jelly shots, and simply skewered one of each with half a maraschino cherry in between each shot (for support) and a pineapple and orange wedge on the handle end (for ballast).

The verdict?  Jelly Shots au natural on a skewer are just as fun as super fancy Carmen Miranda-esque Jelly Shots on a plate.

For future skewering, however, I will add an extra half envelope of gelatin to the Jelly Shots.  A skewer in the hand appears to tempt one toward grand gestures or conducting of an invisible orchestra.  Dangerous business with any delicately textured jelly shots, indeed.  (Aaaiiieee!  Heads UP!  Blue Hawaii Jelly Shot airborne!)



P.S.  Recipes for Mai Tai, Blue Hawaii and Oasis Breeze Jelly Shots will be included in our upcoming recipe book, available in Spring 2011!   In the meantime, for you die-hard Jelly Shotters, we expect to have some new recipes posted to the blog over the next few weeks . . .