Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh the Glamour . . .

Hello there JSTK-ers, just a quick note from the Test Kitchen. We miss you and are looking forward to impending manuscript due date, after which life can return to a regular old frenetic pace, rather than a crazy lunatic frenetic pace.

Lest any of you picture Amy (aka JSTK Annie) and I awash in luxury and plushy bathrobes, sipping negronis as we bask in the creative process, weilding fluffy feather-quill pens to deliver our oh-so-eloquent Jelly Shotting thoughts to paper, I need to come clean and strip you of any romantic misconceptions of the author's life:

On the positive side of things, unlike show biz, publishing appears to have no slight of hand, smoke and mirrors or general flim-flam involving beneficial tax structures. Thank goodness. However, even more disturbing, in reality writing a book (even a book about Jelly Shots) involves . . . . sweatpants. Sweatpants, sweatpants, sweatpants. Yes, sweatpants.  Sweatpants slaving over a hot computer, sweatpants and a manuscript late at night, sweatpants weeping silently to self after self-diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome, skin cancer and random tropical ailments on WebMD. 

The damage is not confined to questionable fashion choices and hypochondia.  Sans rose-colored glasses, I was surprised to note that my under eye circles have morphed from aubergine crescents. . . to giant, raccoon-like orbs that completely engulf each eye. Like I have been in a double-fisted bar fight. Check it out:

I can smile fetchingly all I want, but seriously now, that is some scarey stuff . . .

And I am the lucky one. Amy has developed a kidney stone, most likely from the constant, unholy Adobe Photoshop-generated radiation baking her insides.

Still, we soldier on.  Because in case I didn't mention, we are LOVING it . . .

Look forward to chatting soon,

Cheers, Michelle (aka JSTK Julia)