Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally, We Share the Big News!!!!!


Hello JSTK-ers!  You may have noticed that our posting has lapsed from to bi-monthly to sporatic.  Some (i.e. those who know us well) may cite sheer unadulterated laziness.  We say "not so!" -  and supply viable support for our intermittent "radio silence":

Drum roll please . . .

Running Press, a division of Perseus Books Group [dramatic pause]  has contracted with Jelly Shot Test Kitchen to produce a real live BOOK!  A beautiful book with recipes, background and instructional text, and lots of Amy's (aka JSTK Annie) amazing photographs.  We are beyond thrilled and are truly, 100% absolutely beside ourselves. 

We signed the contract in January 2010.  The last several months have been a whirlwind of new recipe formulation, coupled with hazy late night blurs of Jelly Shot photo shoots [hence our lack of posting].  Our manuscript submission deadline of May 1st is nearing.  In fact this weekend, we are ensconced in a hotel room for the second ever Jelly Shot Summit to proof and finalize many of the materials for the book.  While most hotel guests do not check in with a suitcase stuffed with computers and backup hard drives in one hand, and a travel cooler stocked with makings for a Negroni (our new happy hour favorite) in the other, we've never quite been usual.  As I write this post, Amy is slaving away over a hot Photoshop.  I completed an initial review of our 75 recipes earlier this afternoon, and will soon commence scouring the remaining text. 

We will likely be a bit incommunicado while we put the finishing touches on the book.  Rest assured however that Amy and I miss you and will be back soon!


Michelle (aka JSTK Julia)