Friday, October 23, 2009

And now, an Important Safety Tip . . .

Dangerous Goods: Batch 1 Lemon Drop Jelly Shots

Most frequent of the JSTK Frequently Asked Questions (and we are 100% serious) is, "JSTK, can you find a way to put more alcohol in jelly shots?"  First, JSTK is all about the delicious, lovely, wiggly cocktail fun and not necessarily the octane of same.  However, since the topic of has been broached, rest assured that the JSTK jelly shots are plenty booze-tastic to start with. 

To illustrate, recall the classic Vodka Jell-O shots in the little plastic cup?  Now, remember the effects?  Yeoouch - we do. . .  The ratio of water to booze in a classic Jell-O shot is 3:1!  On the other hand, the vast majority of JSTK shots employ ratios similar to their cocktail inspirations - a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio of mixer to hootch.  Significantly higher than a classic Jell-O shot.  The moral of the story?  Don't be fooled - they only TASTE like candy . . . jelly shots are indeed cocktails!

Now back to the question of taste . . . its true that some alcohols may be gelatinized in their virgin state.  Other cocktails, including certain vodka-heavy drinks, may taste like heaven shaken with ice, but gelatinized . . . do not compute.  Which brings us to the Lemon Drop, and the to Lemon Drop Incident alluded to in previous posts.

We do taste and fret over each recipe (in all fairness, the liquid form the inaugural batch of Lemon Drop Jelly Shot was true to classic cocktail proportions and as bright and citrus-y as any we have had).  Once the mix is right, we proceed to gelatinization.  We also sample a tidbit of the shot immediately after the mixture set up.  We are like kids on Christmas - just can't help ourselves.  (Anyway, initially gelantinized batch 1 of Lemon Drop was yum.)

However, some how, some way, sinister forces congregated in the dark recesses of the refrigerator, penetrated the foil-covered Lemon Drop Shot pan, and concentrated the vodka taste exponentially, completely drowning out the shot's intended lemon and sugar crystal goodness.  And that, gentle readers, is how brave tester Shari came to: 1) consume a jelly shot that was rendolent of rubbing alcohol; 2) scorch the delicate insides of her mouth; and 3) earn the distinction of being the first (and only!) unfortunate victim of what is now commonly referred to (at least in JSTK circles) as Lemon Drop Syndrome (LDS for short). 

Finally, we are pleased to report that JS Annie (our intrepid photographer) is back in state from her travels.  Watch for her travel notes and perhaps a new Jelly Shot or two (we don't want to jinx it, however we think we are VERY CLOSE to perfecting the Sambuca!).