Friday, September 18, 2009

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen FAQs

Jelly Shots, Ready to Roll

Who is Jelly Shot Test Kitchen?
We are two sisters with a shared love of food, cocktails and inappropriately tall shoes. Between the two of us, we have lived the lives of Investment Banker, Software Manager, Photographer, Hedge Fund Maven, Al Bundy Shoe Store Slave, twice Economics students  as well as countless others that we've forgotten or deeply repressed.

What are Jelly Shots?
Remember college Jello-Shots?  The dixie cups filled with Jell-O brand gelatin, strong spirits and whipped cream?  Jelly Shots are a grown-up, sophisticated version of this phenom, sans cups of course.   Using the original concept as a spring board, classic cocktails are reinvented into their new, sassy gelatin selves.  The hallmarks of a successful jelly shot include: true flavor rendition of the original boozy libation and a free-spirited jiggling form that makes them a joy to devour.

Why Jelly Shots?
Why Not?  Who doesn't love the fun of a jiggling cocktail?  Taking a pedestrian jello-shot and turning it into something sublime is our ever beckoning, if somewhat eccentric, Homeric quest. 

Is it appropriate to toast my fellow diners with a Jelly Shot? 
Yes, of course!  Toasting has a long tradition and is a mark of respect to host and guests.   Not sure what to do?  Grasp your jelly shot between thumb and forefinger, and either "clink" it with your neighbor's shot as if it were a glass of champagne or simply raise an "air toast" with appropriate salutation (e.g. cheers, salut, chin chin).  Note that in some cultures it is important to make direct eye contact when raising your glass, errr . . . cube, that is.  The same rules apply here.

Where in the world is the Test Kitchen?
The Jelly Shot Test Kitchen is located in Edina, Minnesota.  Wikipedia indicates that the founding of Edina was a hotbed of in fighting between Scottish and Irish families who originally settled the area; the name Edina being a derivative of Edinburgh.   These days, the only war on the streets is between the local franchises of Sur la Table and Cooks of Crocus Hill to see whose kitchen store will reign supreme.  Also of interest, is that the City of Edina allows only municipal liquor stores to exist within its boundaries.  Smart kids those city counselors.

We are off at the Jelly Shot Summit until early next week.  Until then, cheers!