Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gin & Tonic, Sailboats and Candied Limes

I love a gin and tonic.  On a patio.  In the sun.  It is truly the perfect 'mid-afternoon-watch-the-sailboats-drift by' drink.  Even if you have to make up the sailboat part and just watch the world drift by.  As the G&T and I are involved in a long-term, unending summer love affair, it is only to be expected I imagine that I'm having a hard time picking final images from the proofs.

Taste wise, this is a delightful jelly shot with a really lovely, delicate texture.  We're working on how to best incorporate the required lime garnish - it may be may not be!

Gin & Tonic Jelly Shots

 Gin & Tonic Jelly Shots

Gin & Tonic Jelly Shots

We're still assembling feedback from the latest rounds of testing.  Stay tuned.  We'll be back on Tuesday with another update.

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