Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dessert Shot Redux

Busy night at the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen! Earlier this week, we were very excited to attempt the Grasshopper, Chocolate Martini and White Chocolate Martini. All three crashed and burned in a horrific twisted pile of pastel rubbery mayhem. At least that's how it felt. After adjusting our gelatin ratios to accommodate certain of the lower proof dessert liqueurs, and a few other small tweaks here and there, we are hopeful about our latest interpretations of these cocktails. And we do mean interpretations - while Jelly Shot Test Kitchen's aim is to adhere to classic formulas and ratios, sometimes even the most beautifully constructed cocktail recipe just doesn't translate into a jelly shot. As such, tonight's versions of the Grasshopper, Chocolate Martini and White Chocolate Martini are renditions, which will hopefully will transfer more successfully to the gelatin medium.

Also revamped tonight was the Dreamsicle Jelly Shot, a combination of orange juice, Cointreau, vodka, and cream - our own interpretation/modification of the Orangesicle cocktail (which has no dairy). Although palatable, and admittedly a very pretty shot (slightly marbled orange and white), Testers found the first Dreamsicle lacking the burst of orange sherbet-y goodness one might desire from a jelly shot thus named. The second attempt was revamped to be orangey-er and creamier while maintaining its alcohol punch.

Newly formulated tonight at the Kitchen is the Sambuca Jelly Shot, which uses an experimental gelatinizing method with zero mixers.

All in all, an exciting slate of Jelly Shots on the menu this week! We look forward to feedback from our Jelly Shot Testers . . .

Cheers! JSTK