Sunday, April 10, 2011

Intern Doug's First Solo Flight . . .

Hello again . . . at long long last!  Thanks for your messages and notes while I was away, and apologies to those of you who stopped at JSTK over the last several weeks and were disappointed due to the lack of new posts.  (I MISSED YOU TOO!!!   Lots and lots . . . TONS upon TONS . . you have no idea!)  At any rate, I'm back with lots of new recipe ideas, and will begin posting them in the next week or so (timing naturally depends on the success of the initial trials of these new recipes).

Well, JSTK has not exactly been shuttered in my absence.  While I was away, Intern Doug sallied forth with his first solo jelly shot venture: a batch of Mandarin Cosmo Jelly Shots (click for recipe); start to finish; with no adult supervision!  Check out his photo journal:

Intern Doug's Solo Flight

Step 1: Don formal attire and gather the raw materials for Mandarin Cosmo Jelly Shots!

My Mission: Mandarin Cosmo Jelly Shots

Official Jelly Shot Test Kitchen formal wear . . . 

Step 2: Prepare the jelly shot mixture

Ok, this is easy... My provisioning for days of survival cooking will be unnecessary.

Step 3: Presentation and Special Effects

Presentable, but next time I will invest in a boning knife to cut 
the jelly more precisely and perhaps some specialty molds.

They taste fabulous! There is an almost magical quality to these...

This jelly shot has truly captured me. I hope it lets me out so I can make more...

So what do you think, everyone?  I think Intern Doug did an excellent job, don't you?  Perhaps a little additional instruction is needed (I'm signing him up for Slicing 101 at the JSTK academy), but really quite excellent, and nice garnishing too!  Extra credit for the special effect photos, too, don't you think?

Stay tuned for new recipes soon . . .

Cheers and XOXOX, Michelle