Friday, March 16, 2012

Pistachio Pudding Shots

Happy St. Pattys! Top of the Pistachio Pudding Shot to Ye! 

Sigh. I missed you! I'll save the excuse-making for later. I know you're busy, and this way you can head straight into the kitchen to whip up a batch of these adorable little green Pistachio Pudding Shots. (So many of you have been asking for pudding shots, and, although apparently some procrastimication was involved, I do listen!)
I recently made the recipe for Women's World magazine - think the issue hit newstands a couple weeks ago, but here it is now for your ease of reference and viewing pleasure.

I'll post a super cute non-alcoholic St. Patty's day recipe later today (with of course instructions to booze it up - 'cuz I know how you all are. And I love it.) 

Finally, thanks for continuing to stop by JSTK. I so love it that you visit! Even though my posting has been - ahem -  intermittent, traffic on the site has been most robust than ever. That this silly little blog is able to bring a tiny bit of fun/joy/amusement into the world makes me happier than you will ever know. You all rock my casbah...

SO, here's a big squooshy XOXOX to you ... Happy St. Patrick's Day! Get out there, dye something green, put on your cloverleaf bloomers, and have a cocktail, for goodness sake!


Pistachio Pudding Shots
  • 1 3.2 oz box instant pistachio pudding
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup vodka (plain or a flavored vodka is nice – I like chocolate!)
  • 1 cup whipped topping or whipped cream, plus additional for on top if desired
  • Rainbow sprinkles or shelled pistachio nuts for garnish, if desired

Pour the pudding into mixing bowl.  Add the milk and the vodka and stir until the mixture is completely combined and begins to thicken.  Stir in the whipped topping.  Pour into individual serving containers and refrigerate for an hour or so to allow the pudding to set up a bit more.  Top with additional whip and rainbow sprinkles or shelled pistachio nuts, if desired.