Sunday, April 17, 2011

French Lemonade Redux

Molded French Lemonade Jelly Shot, garnished with fresh raspberries and photographed in the gentle light of dawn by our own Intern Doug . . . 

Its quite apparent that our dear Intern Doug has an interminable amount of energy.  I was still padding about the house in pj pants and slippers this morning, coffee cup in hand, when I received an image of Heidi (so sorry ladies, but Heidi is Intern Doug's adorable wife . . .) next to a large, molded French Lemonade Jelly Shot, with the caption "photos from this morning".

Intern Doug also sent some very intriguing images of a jelly shot he called the "Melon Special", which we will examine at a later date.  (Not to tease, but he literally hasn't yet shared the details with me.)

Click here for the recipe for French Lemonade Jelly Shot, created last year for Edina Magazine.

Say tuned for a new recipe on the JSTK blog mid-week! (Those of you longing for a dessert style jelly shot will be pleased!)

Cheers and XO,