Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big Apple - Gelatin Pioneer Style (Liz Hickok)

Close up of Psychogeography of New York City, by Liz Hickok (photo by Kerry, a friend of the artist)

I was thrilled when I came across San Francisco based artist Liz Hickok and her dazzling gelatin cityscapes quite by accident, while searching (unsuccessfully) for instructions on making custom molds.  Although still clueless on the custom mold issue, I consider the expedition to be a success - who wouldn't after spending a little time on the Liz Hickok website?!!

Liz's latest installation, Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City (close up above) just opened on September 24, 2010 and will be on display at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery through November 6, 2010.   I hope to update this post with additional photos of this installation when available - it looks to be a stunner!  

Until then, allow yourself to be amazed and delighted by Liz's impressive existing body of work.  San Francisco, in Jell-o! (As an often homesick former resident of SF, the images of this city are my absolute favorites of the portfolio . . .  the Telegraph Hill Earthquake video is particularly haunting and beautiful.)  There is much to marvel over. . .   The White House, in Jell-o!  Godzilla Eats Scottsdale!   Enjoy . . . 

 Bay Bridge, 2005, C-Print, Liz Hickok

View From Alcatraz, 2007, C-Print, Liz Hickok