Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let Us Eat Cake

Chocolate Cake Jelly Shot beckons from its raft of birthday candles


How could it be that the "Chocolate Cake Shot" was an unknown to us until JSTK Annie's recent conspiratorial gossip session (aka Happy Hour) with a favorite cohort?

For starters, JSTK Annie has for many years enforced a strict embargo against "drinks in small glasses", due to her waifish frame and tendency to completely overlook lunch.  Two other potential root causes for the ban include a run-in with tequila as a young lass, and, more recently, a family event called "Russia Night" which featured a delightful spread of caviar, smoked fish and well, lots and lots of tiny glasses of vodka (coriander infused!) on ice. 'Nuff said.

Thank goodness that weak wills bend.  That particular evening, JSTK Annie was but a reed in the wind.  Charming cohort ordered a chocolate cake - not of the molden lava variety - to share.  When one shot for each appeared, well, what could be done really . . . and what a fortunate occurance it was! YUM!

If you haven't tried one before, you should be aware of the three unusual things about the Chocolate Cake Shot: 1) it is not chocolate-y in color - it is in fact yellow;  2) it is served with the baffling accompaniment of sugar-coated lemon; and 3)  the shot tastes and smells EXACTLY like chocolate cake.  To paraphrase JSTK Annie, "The brain boggles!  Why, this must be gelatinized . . . and gelatinized soon!" 

And gelatinize we did!  The image above is from our first version of the Chocolate Cake Jelly Shot recipe - the shots are cut in the shape of tiny cake slices and couldn't be more adorable.  (We added layers of gelatinized chocolate liqueur for the "icing" . . .)  While the overall taste of the jelly shot was excellent, we found that with time in the refrigerator, the shots leeched vodka (horrors!) - an indication that the ratios of the recipe are just shy of spot-on and require further review.

Draft two of the Chocolate Cake Jelly Shot to be formulated soon . . .

Cheers, JSTK