Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Festivities

Jelly Shot Platter
Front to Back:
Raspberry Kamikaze, Kamikaze Eyeballs
Tequila Sunset, Mojito

 We look forward to our neighborhood Halloween party every year;  it errs well on the side of a "bash"!  Best side to err on, really. . .

So, many thanks to our gracious hosts in the House on the Hill for yet another lovely All Hallow's Eve.  The food was fantastic; the Mad Scientist charismatic (we heard he melted a styrofoam head!); and the outdoor bar cozy with space heaters.  We had a wonderful time catching up with our grown-up neighbors and checking out all of the adorable kids' costumes pre-Tricks-or-Treats. 

In the "spirit" of ghoulish fun, we brought a sampler plate of jelly shots to the party:  Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, Kamikaze Eyeballs, and Raspberry Kamikaze.  The two varieties of Kamikaze were made with our new, fancy silicon molds . . . such fun!  While we are quite partial to the Raspberry Kamikaze,  we hear that the Mojito jelly shots were among the favorites of the party-goers this time.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!