Sunday, August 22, 2010

Neapolitan Martini Jelly Shot

Neapolitan Martini Jelly Shot

Feeling a bit whimsical as we head into the last bit of summer?  I am . . . so it's no surprise that ice cream flavors have been first and foremost on the R&D slate at the Test Kitchen.  

The Neapolitan Martini Jelly Shot, like its frozen confectionary inspiration, has a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry layer.  Each layer is spiked with a correspondingly flavored liqueur. Oh, yes, and a little vodka . . . thats the martini part . . .  (I heard that, gin martini purists . . .)



Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bushwacker Jelly Shot

Bushwacker Jelly Shot, aptly garnished with painted pearl dust curliques and edible silver leaf

Ah, the Bushwacker, the signature cocktail of our favorite Caribbean jewelery store.  Comprised of six different spirits (including two types of rum) cleverly hidden in vanilla ice cream, it comes as no surprise that this cocktail is known as "the Wallet Whisperer" in certain circles for its purse string loosening qualities . . . Bushwacker Jelly Shot is just as sweet, and just as potent as its cocktail inspiration.  



Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dear Edina Liquors . . .

Monday's Purchases

Dear Edina Liquors,

Yes, there IS a reason for my weekly purchase of a large cardboard box chock full of liquor, cordials, champagne, and various liqueurs.  Please rest assured that it is not because I am going on a bender, bout or undertaking any other variety of bacchanalian carousing.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You Say Gelatine, Part II

Cosmopolitan Jelly Shots, prepared with sheet gelatin, in the wilderness (hence the lack of garnish . . .)

Last week was technically a vacation week with my husband's family for their annual cabin expedition.  However, lingering tasks beckoned/loomed - the sheet gelatin shipments had just arrived the previous Friday, and our editor needed the sheet gelatin conversion in order to send the manuscript to copyediting.    Also, despite rather primitive conditions at said cabin (the stove is basically one step up from a hot plate!)

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