Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jelly Shots in the News - WSJ Feb 1, 2010

Did everyone catch the gorgeous article in the WSJ yesterday featuring some very fancy-fancy NYC and Windy City jelly shots?

View and prepare to swoon!

Wall Street Journal / FOOD & DRINK
FEBRUARY 1, 2010
Chefs Cook Up Cocktails
Chefs like Grant Achatz and Wylie Dufresne are trying to revolutionize the mixed drink. Gelée whiskey, anyone?


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Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't Forget the Gin . . .

Ingredients for Bee's Knees (along with the GIN of  course)

This weekend was all about the subtle flavors of gin at the Test Kitchen,  with very successful trials of the Gimlet and Gin Fizz Jelly Shots.  Additionally, we had a last-minute surprise entrant to the Halls of Gelatin - the Bees Knees, a completely delightful libation consisting of gin, honey and lemon.  The earthiness of the honey against the bright citrus proved a winning combination.

We were surprised at how subtly the gin, a fairly bold spirit in its natural state, takes to gelatin form.  This proved an unexpected about-face compared with our friend vodka, which can turn hostile and mean-spirited (aha! pun!) when gelatinized unless matched with the right balance of ingredients.

We will soon have some exciting news to share but will keep you in suspense, dear readers, a few moments longer.  Until then . . .


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