Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Round-up!

A Very Merry Round-up - Jelly Shots of Holidays Past! 

OMG. Hello. Happy Holidays. Have missed you all - what a crazy year it's been. I had the best of intentions about getting posts back to weekly this year. As it turned out, they were, what, quarterly? Yikes. There has not been much time for jellies.

I've had some pretty major personal stuff going on, covering every possible aspect of my life, topped off with a career change and a head injury. In a nutshell, the overriding tone of 2012 was "cr@p-tastic cr@p sandwich served in a raging sh!tstorm." (Excuse my language. The descriptors are accurate, however, admittedly not ladylike.) I'm so lucky to have my wonderful, amazing, remarkably tolerant friends and family. And - let's not forget - there's a bright, shiny New Year ahead!

On that note, I was going through the blog archives, and Wow! I was cheered to find lots of super adorable holiday jelly shots ...  I put together a little round up - hope these "Jelly Shots Past of Holidays Past" bring some fun and frolic to your holiday festivities.  (Click below for recipe links!)

I have big jelly shot plans during the holiday break from school - a bunch of new jelly shot concepts in the works, and still want to get the long-awaited Bloody Mary out of testing (you've been so adorable and sweet and patient - and I have the cutest serving idea EVer in mind). And Sobieski vodka kindly sent me a big box of their lovely flavored vodkas earlier this year - will be so much fun to play with!

Something for you to be thankful for - now that I've posted this, you don't have to be greeted by Rumchata Skulls as the most recent post on this blog! Delicious, yes. But not festive AT ALL, although perhaps more suitable for my current demeanor than anything thing merry and/or bright. (BAH HUMBUG. Please send some Christmas Spirit my way!)

And thanks sooooo so much for continuing to visit and read Jelly Shot Test Kitchen blog, and buy the recipe book. It's fun to do something that others enjoy (all over the world - it boggles my mind in the nicest way!) as well as something that brings a little lightheartedness into this crazy world. Putting this post together was a trip down memory lane. Looking at all the photos, well, it's clear that you've all been a big part of my life for years now. Anyway, I appreciate your kindness - you are all the absolute sweetest things - I hope you and yours are enjoying all the best of the season.



(give them a chance - they're better than the real thing!!!)

(ditto for the 'nog ...)