Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Jelly Shot Thanksgiving

Its Thanksgiving, have a jelly shot! Pictured from bottom up:  Pear Sour, Apple Pie and Bourbon Smash

So many of you have written with a single, burning question - are jelly shots appropriate for Thanksgiving?  The answer is a resounding YES, absolutely.  (For our family gatherings they are practically a necessity . . . but that's neither here nor there . . .). is of like mind, and asked us to create three Thanksgiving-themed jelly shots!  The recipes - Bourbon Smash (fresh raspberries, mint and a hint of bourbon); Pear Sour (lemon, pear, gin and a splash of Angustora bitters); and Apple Pie (apple juice, Apfelkorn and Tuaca liqueur) - can be found on (click here to be redirected).

Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more holiday friendly jelly shot recipes here at the JSTK blog!

Cheers, Michelle