Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ice Cream Redux

Pink Squirrel, Grasshopper and Lemon Chiffon Martini Jelly Shots, made with vanilla bean or lemon ice cream, and dipped in chocolate Magic Shell

I know, yes, more ice cream inspired jelly shots . . . I had some Magic Shell in the cupboard and as you can see, one thing led to another - truly, the temptation was too great to resist.  I thought about using room temperature melted chocolate instead of Magic Shell, but as I don't work with chocolate often, I was concerned about tempering it or having it get cloudy in the fridge, etc.  The Magic Shell worked like a champ, and, after all . . . its jelly shots - we don't have too take ourselves too seriously . . .

In keeping with the ice cream theme, I substituted vanilla bean ice cream and a little water for the milk/cream in the Grasshopper and Pink Squirrel recipes, and used lemon ice cream in my ad hoc creation, Lemon Chiffon.

The "popsicle sticks" (snipped from wooden coffee stirrers) would be a fun serving option for any dessert cocktail themed jelly shot.  Imagine a Chocolate or White Chocolate Martini, Mudslide, or (mercy!) a Bushwacker!

Anyway, next week I pledge to hop off the Good Humor bandwagon and get back to the jelly shot drawing board.  With that in mind, any suggestions? What are your favorite end of summer cocktails?