Monday, July 12, 2010

Where No Jell-O Has Gone Before . . .

NYC based Gowanus Studio Space recently held its annual Jello Mold Design Competition!  (Wait - if you are not familiar with this spectacular event, you may wish to find a comfortable chair and catch your breath for a moment!  OK - settled?  Great, let's move along then.)
 Don't let the term "jello mold" distract you - this indeed a design competition, not a forum for fruit-flecked geometrics and the occassional layer - this is hard-core jello artistry at its best and most inventive . . .  For full breadth coverage of the wiggly jiggly kinetic wizardry (and we really do recommend that you take a spin!), link to the Gowanus Studio Space coverage follows:

Among our favorites? Definitely this year's winner "Aspic Ascension - Tastes Like Heaven" (yes, a Virgin Mary in tomato aspic, what's not to love?) by Shelly Sabel, and "Healthcare Re-Form" by Peter Pracilio, with its clean lines and confectionary color palette, as well as its 'big pharma' bend.  But truly there is altogether too much gelatin brilliance to choose from . . .