Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Great "Gin & Juice" Off

Gin & Juice Jelly Shots

Oh, the Gin & Juice shot, so refreshing, but so tricky to formulate!  It is a fo shizzle fact that grapefruit juice's puckersome characteristics are more pleasant in liquid than solid form.  We completely jettisoned Version 1 of Gin & Juice (a horror show!  we refused to circulate it on test plates!).  For Version 2 of this shot, we used a citrus juice blend as well as a hearty dose of simple syrup.   Still, this shot was love-it-or-leave-it, even among the hard core gin lovers.  Version 3 added agave nectar, for a touch of low-key additional sweetness while maintaining the integrity of the grapefruit flavor.  We plated Version 3 along side Version 2 for testers, and Version 3 was a tester favorite.  (In a pinch, in the absence of agave, another dose of  simple syrup would also suffice. )

Cheers, JSTK