Friday, January 20, 2012

Twinkie Trifle

Hostess Brand creditors, this one's for you!  A nice, boozy Twinkie Trifle!

Surely you've heard of the Hostess Brand Inc. bankruptcy filing.  Well, I did, and I have not heard anything so disturbing in a looong time. The Twinkie is in danger!!  That helpless little lovely cake-y cream-y bit of heaven in peril!  EEeeeek! It was clear that Jelly Shot Test Kitchen had to act!

Valentine Jelly Pops

Four little Valentines Jelly Pops, all in a row!

Hello all!  Hope 2012 is treating you kindly, and if not, hope you are taking the situation in hand and whacking the wayward year upside the head with your jelly shot pan!  And after all that pretty pretty talk, it's time for a topic change . . . to thoughts of love and smooching.  To Valentines . . .

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