Monday, May 23, 2011

Berry Punch Jelly Shot

Berry Punch Jelly Shot, a glistening convergence of many good things . . .

Hope everyone is doing well!  I'm a bit giddy.  The book officially comes out tomorrow! ( has been shipping pre-orders early - yay!  I have heard from many of you that your books have arrived - hope you are enjoying!)  The thought of seeing JSTK right there on the shelf of my local bookstore is exciting!   Not that I have plans to rise at dawn and hit every bookseller in the Twin Cities metro - no, not all all . . .  Don't be silly.  That would be time consuming AND unbecoming. Besides, were I to embark on such a quest, Intern Doug would have absolutely nothing to to do tomorrow!  (Kidding of course.  Intern Doug has plenty to do - dishes, silicone molds to polish and floral aprons to iron.)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Bramble

A row of Bramble Jelly Shots, a la Toby Cecchini, beckons . . . 

I have been dying to have a go at the Bramble Jelly Shot recipe since it first appeared on the NYT blogs in March of this year!  A Bramble cocktail is quite divine - a lemon sour base, gin, and a float of blackberry liqueur.  The Bramble's translation to gelatin was conducted by noted cocktail expert/bartender/author Toby Cecchini, who also wrote the NYT  piece.

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