Monday, November 30, 2009

Whats in a Name?

Sidecar Jelly Shots, posing with orange slice candies

Oh, how we love the Sidecar! This classic cocktail was reportedly concocted in the 1920's for a patron of a Paris bar - a patron commonly driven about in a motorcycle sidecar.

The naming convention for the Sidecar is a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation, and we can't quite get past it. Which came first? Did the patron's familiar jaunty perch in the motorcycle sidecar suggest the cocktail’s appellation? On the other hand, it is entirely possible that the name had more practical roots, as a certain number of the Sidecars results in a state wherein one is best deposited directly into a motorcycle sidecar for some fresh air on the drive home.

Either way, the Sidecar Jelly Shot lives up to its cocktail inspiration, lemony, liquor-y, and ever so slightly confectionary . . .


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Friday, November 27, 2009

Tea Time . . .

Arnie Palmer Jelly Shot, made with Sweet Tea Vodka

A reader recently introduced us to Sweet Tea Vodka - a delightful imbibable, indeed.  Our initial Jelly Shot experiments yielded what we are terming a "3-sheets version" of the Arnie Palmer (50/50 iced tea and lemonade).  The results were refreshing indeed! (And aren't they cute cut into little tea-glass-like rounds?)


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Friday, November 20, 2009

VPL = Vodka Pink Lemonade

  Vodka Pink Lemonade on the Deck at Fletcher's

      Vodka Pink Lemonade Jelly Shot

 "VPL" is not always a unfortunate occurrence.  While for many this three letter acronym may have less than positive connotations*, as far as Jelly Shot Test Kitchen and everyone else in a 100 mile radius of Minneapolis is likely referring to Vodka Pink Lemonade rather than an unfortunate choice of foundation garments. 

Drinking a VPL on the deck of Lord Fletcher's (a landmark Lake Minnetonka establishment) while watching flocks of pretty, over-sized boats motor past is a summer must for Twin City locals and visitors alike. Fletcher's must serve several million gallons of this ambrosia during the dog days. 

The Vodka Pink Lemonade Jelly Shot, like its liquid inspiration, is refreshing and crisp and ever so tart on the tongue.



*Visible Panty Lines
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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Mojito Jelly Shot

The Mojito Jelly Shot has proven its paces, receiving high marks from our Halloween audience as well as impromptu testers. It certainly is one of our favorites (Hhhm, do we say that every time? We are perhaps a touch fickle).

Rum, mint and lime is a hard combination to beat, however, this week we're studying the Mojito's kissing cousin, the Caipirinha!   Soon we head to an Argentine restaurant (a local restaurant with Argentine Food, not a restaurant IN Argentina, unfortunately) for a little "sugar cane liqueur and muddled lime" action.

Cheers, JSTK
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let Us Eat Cake

Chocolate Cake Jelly Shot beckons from its raft of birthday candles


How could it be that the "Chocolate Cake Shot" was an unknown to us until JSTK Annie's recent conspiratorial gossip session (aka Happy Hour) with a favorite cohort?

For starters, JSTK Annie has for many years enforced a strict embargo against "drinks in small glasses", due to her waifish frame and tendency to completely overlook lunch.  Two other potential root causes for the ban include a run-in with tequila as a young lass, and, more recently, a family event called "Russia Night" which featured a delightful spread of caviar, smoked fish and well, lots and lots of tiny glasses of vodka (coriander infused!) on ice. 'Nuff said.

Thank goodness that weak wills bend.  That particular evening, JSTK Annie was but a reed in the wind.  Charming cohort ordered a chocolate cake - not of the molden lava variety - to share.  When one shot for each appeared, well, what could be done really . . . and what a fortunate occurance it was! YUM!

If you haven't tried one before, you should be aware of the three unusual things about the Chocolate Cake Shot: 1) it is not chocolate-y in color - it is in fact yellow;  2) it is served with the baffling accompaniment of sugar-coated lemon; and 3)  the shot tastes and smells EXACTLY like chocolate cake.  To paraphrase JSTK Annie, "The brain boggles!  Why, this must be gelatinized . . . and gelatinized soon!" 

And gelatinize we did!  The image above is from our first version of the Chocolate Cake Jelly Shot recipe - the shots are cut in the shape of tiny cake slices and couldn't be more adorable.  (We added layers of gelatinized chocolate liqueur for the "icing" . . .)  While the overall taste of the jelly shot was excellent, we found that with time in the refrigerator, the shots leeched vodka (horrors!) - an indication that the ratios of the recipe are just shy of spot-on and require further review.

Draft two of the Chocolate Cake Jelly Shot to be formulated soon . . .

Cheers, JSTK

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Festivities

Jelly Shot Platter
Front to Back:
Raspberry Kamikaze, Kamikaze Eyeballs
Tequila Sunset, Mojito

 We look forward to our neighborhood Halloween party every year;  it errs well on the side of a "bash"!  Best side to err on, really. . .

So, many thanks to our gracious hosts in the House on the Hill for yet another lovely All Hallow's Eve.  The food was fantastic; the Mad Scientist charismatic (we heard he melted a styrofoam head!); and the outdoor bar cozy with space heaters.  We had a wonderful time catching up with our grown-up neighbors and checking out all of the adorable kids' costumes pre-Tricks-or-Treats. 

In the "spirit" of ghoulish fun, we brought a sampler plate of jelly shots to the party:  Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, Kamikaze Eyeballs, and Raspberry Kamikaze.  The two varieties of Kamikaze were made with our new, fancy silicon molds . . . such fun!  While we are quite partial to the Raspberry Kamikaze,  we hear that the Mojito jelly shots were among the favorites of the party-goers this time.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!


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