Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fond Tidings . . .

JSTK's holiday gatherings can always use a shot of gelatinized cheer!  As such, our recent efforts have been in the vein of holiday-party-friendly Jelly Shots, including Apple Martini, Green Apple Martini, and Pomegranite Martini. We are also working on an Eggnog Jelly Shot.  What Holiday Happy Hour delights might you like to see in enshrined in the Halls of Gelatin?

We hope to have photos of the three new holiday martinis and other creations up on the blog soon. JSTK's intrepid photographer, JSTK Annie, is still on assignment exploring cocktail related fun on the Continent (I can't wait for her to arrive home and debrief regarding her findings!).

In the meantime, perhaps these adorable pics of the Kamikaze (Raspberry and Regular) Jelly Shot will tide you over until JSTK Annie's return! The shots were created with lovely jewel-shaped silicon molds from Paderno.

Plated Kamikaze and Raspberry Kamikaze Jelly Shots, front view

Kamikaze & Raspberry Kamikaze Jelly Shots, ready for their close up . . .