Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh the Glamour . . .

Hello there JSTK-ers, just a quick note from the Test Kitchen. We miss you and are looking forward to impending manuscript due date, after which life can return to a regular old frenetic pace, rather than a crazy lunatic frenetic pace.

Lest any of you picture Amy (aka JSTK Annie) and I awash in luxury and plushy bathrobes, sipping negronis as we bask in the creative process, weilding fluffy feather-quill pens to deliver our oh-so-eloquent Jelly Shotting thoughts to paper, I need to come clean and strip you of any romantic misconceptions of the author's life:
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally, We Share the Big News!!!!!


Hello JSTK-ers!  You may have noticed that our posting has lapsed from to bi-monthly to sporatic.  Some (i.e. those who know us well) may cite sheer unadulterated laziness.  We say "not so!" -  and supply viable support for our intermittent "radio silence":

Drum roll please . . .
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